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Application Enquiry allows you to:

  • Track the progress of a development application.
  • Look up current and past development application activity (information published dates back to 1 January 2004, however the accuracy of historical data cannot be guaranteed).
  • Access Council’s online submission service where you can provide comments on a current Code assessable development application, or make a submission in support or objection to a current Impact assessable development application.
  • Look up development applications recently submitted or determined by quick search shortcuts.

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When searching for development applications it is recommended that the search criteria “Application Type” and “Activity” not be used in conjunction with each other for a single search. Using each criteria separately will assist in ensuring your search results find the desired development applications, by not restricting the search to find only development application that satisfy both criteria.

When searching it is recommended that the search criteria 'Application Type' and 'Activity' not be used in conjunction with each other for a single search as it may limit your search results.

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