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Application Details for A001920606

You are not able to lodge a submission for this application because the application has been finalised.

Activity: Multi-Unit Dwelling
Assessment Level: Impact Assessable - Generally Inappropriate
Permit: DA - IPA - Material Change of Use (3130009)
Activity: Subdivision of Land
Assessment Level: Code
Permit: DA - IPA - Reconfigure a Lot (3130010)
Decision for Activity: Multi-Unit Dwelling
Granted 20/09/2012
Decision for Activity: Subdivision of Land
Granted 20/09/2012
Hayes Anderson Lynch Architects Pty Ltd (Primary Applicant)
Description Completed
Record Creation Date 24/09/2007
Commence Confirmation Period Date 24/09/2007
Properly Made Date 24/09/2007
Action Notice Response Received Date
Confirmation Notice Sent Date 08/10/2007
Information Request Sent Date
Final Response Received Date
Compliance Notice Date 23/12/2008
Decision Notice Date 20/09/2012

Role: Team Member
Urban Planning - WARNER, STEPHEN
Role: Delegate
Management - JENSEN, Patricia
Role: Assessment Manager
Urban Planning - SNEESBY, Jennifer
Role: Team Member
Urban Planning - SNEESBY, Jennifer
Date CategoryDocumentFile TypeSize
Page size:
 102 items in 3 pages
10/09/2015Plan - Applicant ProposedStaging Plans combinedPDF257 KB
14/08/2015Correspondence - Referral Agency to ApplicantDILGP Pre-Request Response NoticePDF136 KB
14/05/2015Correspondence - Applicant to CouncilApplicant LetterPDF174 KB
14/05/2015Plan - Applicant ProposedAttach B - Amended PlansPDF1.22 MB
05/10/2012Decision - Court OrderP&EA 3014-2010 - Settled Appeal - DiscontinuancePDF892 KB
05/10/2012Decision - Court OrderP&EA 2978-2010 - Settled AppealPDF42.54 MB
23/09/2010Decision - ApplicationdA001920606_0002PDF1.16 MB
23/09/2010Plan - ApprovedpbA001920606_0005PDF634 KB
23/09/2010Plan - ApprovedpbA001920606_0006PDF597 KB
21/09/2010Correspondence - ConditionsIPA - Representations on Conditions - Not supportedDOC92 KB
21/09/2010Package - ApprovalConditions Approval Package DocumentHTML96 KB
20/09/2010Correspondence - Applicant to CouncilCorrespondence from applicant - Neg DecPDF1.35 MB
20/09/2010Document - MiscellaneousAlpha Acc and Aspley Acres Caravan Park Closure PlanPDF60 KB
16/09/2010Correspondence - Applicant to CouncilPark Central Draft Conditions Revision 3 14 September 2010PDF530 KB
16/09/2010Correspondence - Applicant to CouncilAdriana Bramley - FW_ Alpha Accommodation Caravan Park & AspPDF70 KB
21/06/2010Correspondence - Applicant to CouncilPark Central Representations June 2010PDF7.88 MB
29/04/2010Correspondence - Applicant to CouncilAttachment A Park Central Unit CalculationsPDF12 KB
29/04/2010Correspondence - Applicant to CouncilAttachment B Building EnvelopesPDF525 KB
29/04/2010Correspondence - Applicant to CouncilAttachment C Cardno Lawson Treloar Letter CorrespondencePDF606 KB
29/04/2010Correspondence - Applicant to CouncilAttachment D Staging PlansPDF2.37 MB
29/04/2010Correspondence - Applicant to CouncilAttachment E Landscape Concept Master PlanPDF1.42 MB
29/04/2010Correspondence - Applicant to CouncilAttachment F Park Central CodePDF905 KB
29/04/2010Correspondence - Applicant to CouncilNegotiatedDecisionRequestPDF1.23 MB
06/04/2010Correspondence - Applicant to CouncilSuspension of Appeal Period 31 March 2010PDF410 KB
01/04/2010Decision - ApplicationdA001920606_0001PDF1.31 MB
01/04/2010Plan - ApprovedpbA001920606_0001PDF793 KB
01/04/2010Plan - ApprovedpbA001920606_0002PDF17.74 MB
30/03/2010Notice - DecisionIPA - Decision NoticePDF0
26/03/2010Notice - DecisionIPA - Decision NoticePDF15 KB
25/03/2010Correspondence - ExtensionFurther Extension to Information Request PeriodPDF9 KB
25/03/2010Package - ApprovalConditions Approval Package DocumentHTML89 KB
18/03/2010Correspondence - Applicant to CouncilLetter from Applicant 17 March 2010PDF439 KB
18/03/2010Correspondence - Referral Agency to CouncilDMR Road Widening Plan 15 Oct 07PDF154 KB
18/03/2010Plan - Applicant ProposedCity Plan 2000 Codes as varied by Park Central Proposed CodePDF139 KB
18/03/2010Plan - Applicant ProposedMaster Plans 17 March 2010PDF4.58 MB
18/03/2010Plan - Applicant ProposedPark Central Level of Assessment Table 17 March 2010PDF1.49 MB
18/03/2010Plan - Applicant ProposedProposed Plans 17 March 2010PDF2.04 MB
09/03/2010Correspondence - Applicant to CouncilAffordable Housing Management Plan March 2010PDF0
04/12/2009Correspondence - Applicant to CouncilmbA001920606_0010PDF2.27 MB
30/11/2009Correspondence - Applicant to CouncilmbA001920606_0008PDF1.73 MB
30/11/2009Correspondence - Applicant to CouncilmbA001920606_0009PDF1.73 MB
22/10/2009Correspondence - Council to ApplicantmcA001920606_0007PDF88 KB
11/09/2009Correspondence - Applicant to CouncilmbA001920606_0007PDF2 MB
04/06/2009Correspondence - Applicant to CouncilmbA001920606_0006PDF60 KB
04/06/2009Correspondence - Referral Agency to CouncilmdA001920606_0011PDF73 KB
04/06/2009Correspondence - Referral Agency to CouncilmdA001920606_0012PDF62 KB
07/05/2009Correspondence - Applicant to CouncilmbA001920606_0004PDF2.49 MB
07/05/2009Correspondence - Applicant to CouncilmbA001920606_0005PDF11.23 MB
07/05/2009Correspondence - Referral Agency to CouncilmdA001920606_0005PDF73 KB
07/05/2009Correspondence - Referral Agency to CouncilmdA001920606_0006PDF64 KB

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