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Application Details for A004768594

You are not able to lodge a submission for this application because the application has been finalised.

Activity: Heritage Place (LHP), Demolition
Assessment Level: Impact
Permit: DA - PA - Building Work (10598839)
Activity: Child Care Centre
Assessment Level: Impact
Permit: DA - PA - Material Change of Use (10598840)
Activity: Heritage Place (LHP), Extension
Assessment Level: Impact
Permit: DA - PA - Building Work (10609085)
Decision for Activity: Heritage Place (LHP), Demolition
Granted 29/05/2018
Decision for Activity: Child Care Centre
Granted 29/05/2018
Decision for Activity: Heritage Place (LHP), Extension
Granted 29/05/2018
Smithfield Property Projects Pty Ltd (Primary Applicant)
Description Completed
Record Creation Date 16/10/2017
Commence Confirmation Period Date 23/10/2017
Properly Made Date 23/10/2017
Action Notice Response Received Date
Confirmation Notice Sent Date 06/11/2017
Information Request Sent Date 20/11/2017
Final Response Received Date
Compliance Notice Date 07/02/2018
Decision Notice Date 29/05/2018

Role: Team Member
Urban Planning - NELSON, MARGARET
Role: Team Member
Engineering - PAPA, Catherine
Role: Team Member
Environmental Management - CHEN, Kally
Role: Team Member
Urban Planning - HEADING, JAMES
Role: Team Member
Urban Planning - BATTIST, Sallie
Role: Team Member
Architecture - CHESTERMAN, Anita
Role: Team Member
Engineering - DE LA JARA, Gabriel
Role: Assessment Manager
Urban Planning - SHANNON, Shirley
Role: Team Member
Urban Planning - SHANNON, Shirley
Role: Team Member
Urban Planning - NEVILLE, John
Role: Delegate
Urban Planning - JOYCE, Phil
Role: Team Member
Urban Planning - JOYCE, Phil
Role: Team Member
Landscape Architecture - WORTH, James
Role: Team Member
Landscape Architecture - ANSELL, Nikolee
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26/04/2019Document - MiscellaneousHeritage Architect PlansPDF1.72 MB
26/04/2019Document - MiscellaneousStructural Engineering Condition ReportPDF6.36 MB
26/04/2019Document - MiscellaneousHeritage Impact ReportPDF4.89 MB
28/02/2019Document - MiscellaneousAsset Services Branch NALL ApprovalPDF361 KB
28/02/2019Plan - Applicant ProposedCONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT PLANPDF1.78 MB
28/02/2019Plan - Applicant ProposedTraffic Guidance SchemePDF2.92 MB
22/02/2019Decision - Negotiated DecisionApplicant Decision LetterPDF285 KB
21/02/2019Decision - Negotiated DecisionDelegate Decision 227 Kelvin Grove RdPDF54 KB
21/02/2019Notice - DecisionNotice about Decision - Development ApplicationPDF278 KB
27/09/2018Plan - ProposedStormwater Drainage plansPDF1.86 MB
29/06/2018Plan - Applicant ProposedDimensioned GFA PlanPDF543 KB
05/06/2018Correspondence - Applicant to CouncilSuspension of Applicant Appeal Period ICN & Waiver of Appeal PeriodPDF527 KB
05/06/2018Correspondence - Council to ApplicantCommence Submitter Appeal PeriodPDF300 KB
29/05/2018Decision - ApplicationDelegate DecisionPDF62 KB
29/05/2018Decision - ApplicationDecision Notice - BICR 6/2017PDF355 KB
29/05/2018Decision - ApplicationApproval PackagePDF650 KB
29/05/2018IC - BCC Notice (ICN)IC22930 Council AICNPDF163 KB
29/05/2018Notice - DecisionNotice about Decision - Development ApplicationPDF255 KB
01/05/2018Plan - ApprovedLCP_FinalPDF8 MB
27/04/2018Plan - ApprovedPlans_FinalPDF2.4 MB
18/04/2018Plan - Applicant ProposedAmended Architectural PlansPDF2.26 MB
16/03/2018Correspondence - Applicant to CouncilAddendum to Response to Further IssuesPDF521 KB
16/03/2018Correspondence - Applicant to CouncilAddendum to Response to Further Issues_Table 1PDF556 KB
08/03/2018Correspondence - Applicant to CouncilResponse to Further IssuesPDF539 KB
08/03/2018Plan - Applicant ProposedAttachment C - Architectural PlansPDF9.14 MB
08/03/2018Plan - Applicant ProposedAttachment A - Civil DrawingsPDF2.1 MB
08/03/2018Plan - Applicant ProposedAttachement D - Landscape Concept PlansPDF8 MB
08/03/2018Report - Air QualityAttachment B - Air Quality ResponsePDF1.28 MB
27/02/2018Information RequestDA Further Issues LetterPDF323 KB
07/02/2018Document - Public NotificationNotice of CompliancePDF2.9 MB
07/02/2018Submission - No Name/AddressDASPublic-A004768594-20180207PDF137 KB
07/02/2018Submission - No Name/AddressSubmissionPDF83 KB
07/02/2018Submission - No Name/AddressSubmissionPDF123 KB
06/02/2018Submission - No Name/AddressDASPublic-A004768594-20180206PDF2 KB
06/02/2018Submission - No Name/AddressDASPublic-A004768594-20180206PDF3 KB
05/02/2018Submission - No Name/AddressDASPublic-A004768594-20180205PDF12 KB
05/02/2018Submission - No Name/AddressDASPublic-A004768594-20180205PDF601 KB
05/02/2018Submission - No Name/AddressDASPublic-A004768594-20180205PDF9 KB
05/02/2018Submission - No Name/AddressSubmissionPDF84 KB
05/02/2018Submission - No Name/AddressSubmissionPDF9.17 MB
05/02/2018Submission - No Name/AddressSubmissionPDF90 KB
05/02/2018Submission - No Name/AddressSubmissionPDF83 KB
05/02/2018Submission - No Name/AddressSubmissionPDF34 KB
05/02/2018Submission - No Name/AddressSubmissionPDF39 KB
05/02/2018Submission - No Name/AddressSubmissionPDF39 KB
05/02/2018Submission - No Name/AddressDASPublic-A004768594-20180205PDF5 KB
05/02/2018Submission - No Name/AddressDASPublic-A004768594-20180205PDF2.03 MB
05/02/2018Submission - No Name/AddressDASPublic-A004768594-20180205PDF2 KB
05/02/2018Submission - No Name/AddressDASPublic-A004768594-20180205PDF440 KB
05/02/2018Submission - No Name/AddressDASPublic-A004768594-20180205PDF3 KB

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