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Application Details for A005092847

You are not able to lodge a submission for this application because the application has been finalised.

Activity: Heritage Place - Adjoining (Building Work)
Assessment Level: Impact
Permit: DA - SPA - Carry out Building Work (11534433)
Activity: Shop, Food and Drink Outlet, Multiple Dwelling
Assessment Level: Impact
Permit: DA - SPA - Material Change of Use (11534434)
Activity: Multiple Dwelling, Shop, Food and Drink Outlet
Assessment Level: Impact
Permit: DA - SPA - Material Change of Use (11534435)
Decision for Activity: Heritage Place - Adjoining (Building Work)
Refused 24/04/2020
Decision for Activity: Shop, Food and Drink Outlet, Multiple Dwelling
Refused 24/04/2020
Decision for Activity: Multiple Dwelling, Shop, Food and Drink Outlet
Refused 24/04/2020
No people recorded against this application.
Description Completed
Record Creation Date 20/12/2018
Commence Confirmation Period Date 12/04/2019
Properly Made Date 12/04/2019
Action Notice Response Received Date
Confirmation Notice Sent Date 01/05/2019
Information Request Sent Date 09/07/2019
Final Response Received Date
Compliance Notice Date 05/08/2019
Decision Notice Date 24/04/2020

Role: Team Member
Urban Planning - MOG, Milena
Role: Assessment Manager
Urban Planning - ANDERSON, Vernon
Role: Team Member
Urban Planning - ANDERSON, Vernon
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01/05/2020Decision - Appeal WithdrawnP&EA 3336-2019 - Final OrderPDF371 KB
20/09/2019Notice - P & E Appeal NoticeP&EA 3336-2019 Notice of AppealPDF248 KB
22/08/2019Correspondence - Council to ApplicantCommence Submitter Appeal PeriodPDF301 KB
21/08/2019Decision - ApplicationApplicant Decision LetterPDF773 KB
19/08/2019Notice - DecisionNotice about Decision - Change ApplicationPDF280 KB
16/08/2019Decision - ApplicationDeleagte Decision - 37 Manning St South BrisbanePDF54 KB
08/08/2019Document - Public NotificationNotice of CompliancePDF7.8 MB
01/08/2019Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005092847-20190801-19607PDF1 KB
31/07/2019Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005092847-20190730-11758PDF856 KB
31/07/2019Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005092847-20190731-14198PDF272 KB
30/07/2019Submission - No Name/AddressSubmissionPDF1.06 MB
30/07/2019Submission - No Name/AddressSubmissionPDF4.18 MB
30/07/2019Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005092847-20190730-10214PDF88 KB
29/07/2019Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005092847-20190728-98091PDF2.76 MB
29/07/2019Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005092847-20190729-00234PDF3 KB
29/07/2019Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005092847-20190729-02799PDF449 KB
27/07/2019Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005092847-20190727-96007PDF2 KB
26/07/2019Submission - No Name/AddressSubmissionPDF105 KB
25/07/2019Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005092847-20190724-82233PDF2 KB
25/07/2019Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005092847-20190724-82454PDF1 KB
25/07/2019Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005092847-20190725-86121PDF3 KB
25/07/2019Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005092847-20190725-87373PDF3.2 MB
25/07/2019Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005092847-20190725-87446PDF1.41 MB
25/07/2019Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005092847-20190725-87993PDF725 KB
25/07/2019Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005092847-20190725-88354PDF1 KB
24/07/2019Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005092847-20190723-76238PDF1 KB
24/07/2019Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005092847-20190724-78815PDF313 KB
24/07/2019Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005092847-20190724-79498PDF3 KB
24/07/2019Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005092847-20190724-80171PDF774 KB
24/07/2019Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005092847-20190724-80798PDF1 KB
24/07/2019Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005092847-20190724-80836PDF1 KB
24/07/2019Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005092847-20190724-81440PDF2 KB
24/07/2019Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005092847-20190724-81449PDF1 KB
24/07/2019Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005092847-20190724-81478PDF225 KB
24/07/2019Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005092847-20190724-81479PDF4 KB
24/07/2019Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005092847-20190724-81693PDF248 KB
24/07/2019Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005092847-20190724-81762PDF3 KB
23/07/2019Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005092847-20190722-69326PDF1 KB
23/07/2019Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005092847-20190723-70482PDF1 KB
23/07/2019Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005092847-20190723-72966PDF2 KB
22/07/2019Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005092847-20190722-65351PDF1 KB
22/07/2019Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005092847-20190722-65438PDF1 KB
22/07/2019Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005092847-20190722-65452PDF1 KB
22/07/2019Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005092847-20190722-65531PDF1 KB
22/07/2019Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005092847-20190722-65725PDF1 KB
22/07/2019Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005092847-20190722-65771PDF1 KB
22/07/2019Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005092847-20190722-66598PDF1 KB
22/07/2019Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005092847-20190722-67126PDF1 KB
22/07/2019Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005092847-20190722-67312PDF2 KB
22/07/2019Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005092847-20190722-68252PDF1 KB

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