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Application Details for A005621486

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Activity: Multiple Dwelling
Assessment Level: Code
Permit: DA - PA - Building Work (12931832)
Activity: Multiple Dwelling
Assessment Level: Code
Permit: DA - PA - Material Change of Use (12931833)
Decision for Activity: Multiple Dwelling
No decision made for this activity.
Decision for Activity: Multiple Dwelling
No decision made for this activity.
Smart Enterprises Pty Ltd (Primary Applicant)
Description Completed
Record Creation Date 18/12/2020
Commence Confirmation Period Date 23/12/2020
Properly Made Date 23/12/2020
Action Notice Response Received Date
Confirmation Notice Sent Date 14/01/2021
Information Request Sent Date 29/01/2021
Final Response Received Date
Compliance Notice Date
Decision Notice Date

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Date CategoryDocumentFile TypeSize
09/02/2021Concurrence Agency Response ConditionsRepresentations about a referral agency responsePDF486 KB
09/02/2021Concurrence Agency Response ConditionsSRA ResponsePDF610 KB
04/02/2021Submission - No Name/AddressSubmissionPDF1.01 MB
03/02/2021Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005621486-20210203-23260PDF2 KB
01/02/2021Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005621486-20210201-11282PDF2 KB
29/01/2021Information RequestInformation RequestPDF439 KB
29/01/2021Plan - ProposedAttachment APDF600 KB
29/01/2021Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005621486-20210129-94610PDF100 KB
29/01/2021Submission - No Name/AddressSubmissionPDF70 KB
29/01/2021Submission - No Name/AddressSubmissionPDF324 KB
29/01/2021Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005621486-20210129-96799PDF0
29/01/2021Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005621486-20210129-96888PDF0
29/01/2021Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005621486-20210129-98069PDF2 KB
28/01/2021Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005621486-20210128-84583PDF2 KB
28/01/2021Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005621486-20210128-86464PDF261 KB
28/01/2021Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005621486-20210128-87488PDF523 KB
28/01/2021Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005621486-20210128-91093PDF535 KB
28/01/2021Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005621486-20210128-91404PDF3 KB
28/01/2021Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005621486-20210128-91546PDF601 KB
28/01/2021Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005621486-20210128-91636PDF613 KB
27/01/2021Correspondence - Applicant to CouncilSARA Referral confirmation noticePDF573 KB
27/01/2021Submission - No Name/AddressSubmissionPDF842 KB
27/01/2021Submission - No Name/AddressSubmissionPDF753 KB
27/01/2021Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005621486-20210127-79818PDF2 KB
27/01/2021Submission - No Name/AddressEmail - SubmissionPDF1.48 MB
27/01/2021Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005621486-20210127-82353PDF2 KB
27/01/2021Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005621486-20210127-84225PDF2 KB
27/01/2021Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005621486-20210127-84234PDF5 KB
26/01/2021Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005621486-20210126-76600PDF4 KB
25/01/2021Correspondence - Referral Agency to ApplicantSARA Referral Confirmation NoticePDF573 KB
25/01/2021Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005621486-20210125-69991PDF378 KB
24/01/2021Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005621486-20210124-67120PDF97 KB
20/01/2021Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005621486-20210120-47368PDF3 KB
20/01/2021Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005621486-20210120-49240PDF257 KB
19/01/2021Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005621486-20210119-42123PDF183 KB
14/01/2021Correspondence - AcknowledgementConfirmation NoticePDF336 KB
10/01/2021Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005621486-20210110-87979PDF1.27 MB
04/01/2021Submission - No Name/AddressDAPublic-A005621486-20210104-58553PDF2 KB
18/12/2020Document - Owners ConsentAtt J - Signed Landowners ConsentPDF511 KB
18/12/2020Form - Application - Pub Scr YDA Form 1PDF683 KB
18/12/2020Form - Application - Pub Scr YDA Form 2PDF615 KB
18/12/2020Plan - Applicant ProposedAtt A - Proposed PlansPDF6.16 MB
18/12/2020Plan - Applicant ProposedAtt I - Landscape Concept PlanPDF6.32 MB
18/12/2020Report - Applicant Assessment - EngineeringAtt E - Traffic ReportPDF5.39 MB
18/12/2020Report - Applicant Assessment - EngineeringAtt F - Engineering ReportPDF10.37 MB
18/12/2020Report - Applicant Assessment - EngineeringAtt G - Stormwater Management ReportPDF7.16 MB
18/12/2020Report - Applicant Assessment - EngineeringAtt H - Flood ReportPDF11.21 MB
18/12/2020Report - Applicant Assessment - PlanningAssessment ReportPDF2.75 MB

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